December 22, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays!
Here are some great gift ideas from The Happy Traveller:

*Stunning 2009 Calendars
*Artist Irene Klar cards, bookmarks, totes and notebooks
*Travel Underwear
*Recipe Books including Mayan Cuisine
*Travel Stories including Quest for the Sublime
*Moleskine Journal Van Gogh Collection
*Men’s bags- Overland Ecotility, Laptop Shoulder Bag..
*Women’s bags- Sherpani Cres, Small Backpacks…
*Princess Purse Hooks
*Putumay Christmas Cd’s
*Inflatable Globes
*Accessories for the Traveller


pariscalendar3In the 2009 Romantic Paris wall calendar, Amy Melious focuses her lens on the world’s most romatic city. Her hand painted photographs are each paired with excerpts from writers who have been captivated by Paris’ charm.pariscalendar This is a calendar that is sure to be a favorite among the many who love the city of light

Photographer Marcus Fisher has traveled throughout Ireland and has created a collection of images that capture the beauty and spirit of this magical country. Each image is paired with a traditional Irish blessing. This calendar is

sure to become a favorite among the millions of people with connections to the Emerald Isle.